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Dress Code

Dress code allows instructors to properly see and adjust body alignment,  placement and position

Order uniform online or at a dance wear store:



DanceMax Dancewear

3016 Canton Rd Marietta, GA 30066

Phone: 678-401-5718

Jazzle Dance Studio Uniform 2022-2023.png


Hair should be clean and pulled back properly

No jewelry in class. Small earrings are okay

No heavy perfume

​Fitted, modesty underwear may be worn

Underwear must not show under leotard

Dance wear must be clean

Dance shoes are not to be worn outside

No “outside” shoes in class

​Dance bags, shoes and all belongings should be labeled with name

Students must be properly dressed before entering the classroom

Students not properly dressed will be asked to observe class

Cold Weather

Dancers should wear a black or class level leotard color form fitting sweater, hoodie, sweatshirt during cold weather.

 Boys/Additional Dancewear

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