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Teacher Assistant Application

Jazzle Teacher Assistant Program

Our Teacher Assistant Program is for Jazzlette & Jazzler dancers interested in assisting our Jazzle Baby and Jazzle Tot dance classes. Assistants will help with the flow of the dance class, help set up props, help guide students during class, give fun reinforcements for correct dance steps and serve as a role model for the Jazzle babies and tots. Assistants will also be expected to provide any other additional assistance that helps with the dance class. 


Each dance season teachers will select a limited number of dancers who exhibit the qualities necessary to be a successful teaching assistant:

  • Assistants must be registered for Jazzle Elite Dance Company

  • Dancers must apply for the teacher assistant position

  • Teacher assistants must complete a mandatory assistant training session each season

  •   Assistants must have the maturity and disposition to deal with children in a busy dance class  

  • Assistants must be good role models. They must use their voice when appropriate in the classroom

  • Assistants must have been a Jazzle student for 1 recital season prior 

  • Assistants must attend all their dance classes and rehearsals weekly

  • Assistants must participate in all Jazzle Dance Studio performances, recitals and competitions

  • Assistants must maintain a B (or comparable) grade point average

  • Assistants must be committed to our program from August thru June




​Assistants must arrive to your scheduled class at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class. You will assist in class set up: putting cones and colored dots down, lining dancers up so that they are ready to come into class.  After class you will help with putting away props and help dancers gather their belongings before dismissal.

Assistants MUST wear proper dance clothes. Assistants are required to wear their class level or dance company leotard, shorts or leggings, and ballet shoes. No street clothes, t-shirts or sweatpants etc. You must have the appropriate shoes for the technique you are assisting.  Hair must be pulled up out of face.


Teacher Assistant duties include assisting with setting dancers at the barre or in lines, helping with corrections and reminding them to listen.  You will need to help dancers change their shoes. You may be asked to demonstrate dance steps if  the teacher is pulled away momentarily or if she needs to work with a student individually.

Assistants will need to know their students names. You should be able to correct or encourage them using their name.

Assistants are NOT responsible for speaking to parents with any questions they may have about their child’s ability or progress in the class.  These types of questions should be directed to the head teacher.

Teacher Assistants will need to know their classes’ choreography.  They will need to assist with rehearsals and perform with their classes at the Holiday showcase and June recital. 

Attendance is essential part of this program.  If you must miss a class that you are scheduled to assist with you are to notify the studio by either calling (770) 609-7182 or emailing

Teacher Assistants must love working and being with kids and must love dance.  Teacher Assistants must always have a positive attitude, be enthusiastic and respectful to all staff, dancers and parents.

Teacher Assistant Compensation

  • Tuition Scholarship (scholarship will be applied to 2nd class dancer is registered for)

  • Teaching experience for resume building 


Additional Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Jazzle Teacher's Assistant. Feel free to talk with Ms. Jay  if you have any questions.  There are a limited amount of openings for assistants each year.  There are many variables that go into the placement assistants. If you are not selected for a TA position this season, we encourage you to reapply next year.

Applications will be reviewed August 2024 for our

2024-2025 competition season

Teacher Assistant Application

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Great Job!

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